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    User Agreement And Dealership Franchise

    Dealership User Agreement and Franchise Authority
    This contract, by Megadunya International Advertising and Business Consulting E-Commerce "www.megadunya.com my" website to the product / goods / services procurement and / or supply / bidding in the sale, announced to publish, company and product or service promotion to make or commercial or who want to use for the latest news to stay informed on the nature of the individual or enterprise-wide members must fulfill the obligations of users and regulates mutual rights and obligations of the parties.
    1. Definitions:
    Dealer: Turkey and in all regions of the world where there is internet access Megadünya to
    On behalf of member-subscribers collection Subscribe to create take-making franchises (limited authority) through purchase or lease by the Megadüny the right to represent the Megadüny Name the access rights that limit the Megadünya and Megadünya the Services have the authority to give to other users and sub-dealers (limited authority) legal and natural persons, individual entrepreneurs free, intermediaries (brokers) is defined as the dealer.
    Limited Warranty: Megadünya to take the services provided to authorized dealers to sell the lease authorization dercesidir.abonelik MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTIONS sub-dealership-year commitment is NOT MAKING POWERS.
    Dealers will be able to individual users to the subscription of buyers sellers of companies operating on the subscription giving or receiving world.
    Each subscription dealerships and individual users free membership subscription transactions are limited to entrepreneurs of the authority given to the dealer:
    Example: A company (legal, real people, free entrepreneurial firms, free entrepreneurial individuals, agencies)
    If only get the dealership to Berlin city of Germany country will only be deemed to have accepted all the legal rights and responsibilities when selling yapamayacaktır.yap in any way from other regions could buy and sell Megadüny Service in the city of Berlin.
    The following definitions contained in this agreement are shown on the opposite meaning phrases and abbreviations will be expressed.
    megadunya.comm: Megadunya International Advertising and Business Consulting E-Commerce
    Web site: www.megadunya.com website and a sub-domain names on behalf of the field.
    User: free or paid products on the site, examining not only the information requested ads and forums to read and site promotion services are the visitors.
    Member's: Site offers free or paid products, adding only information that can be read and inspect the site users who declared that forum and request for promotional services, which are members of the site and offered on the Site Service from, is s natural or legal persons benefiting under the conditions specified in this contract .
    and users of the site megadunya.com "member's" free and offered to take advantage of all the services and benefits paid.
    Forms page of wanting to Service "Members users" in the details "megadunya.com" a send their / page they are added.
    2. Membership and Service Terms of Use
    a) Join the "Website" in the relevant section "User's" by people who want to "website" to give the necessary credentials to become a member of eating, credentials verification of the accuracy of, and return the information to be made of the registration process by and "megadunya.com I" by recording is completed with the approval of the transaction. Membership is completed as described in this contract "Register user" that will never have the rights and powers.
    b) "Service" who want to benefit from the "Users" page and fill in the form and send the "Web site" will have sought and published in the publication "User's" happen. Sent the accuracy of this information "Members users" is responsible. "megadunya.comm" inaccurate and / or misleading information, including information without warning "Web site" which is the right to add or remove from all.
    c) Each "member's" with a password and user name to be used has the right to operate only for a single person or organization. The site also benefit from the other person or entity to do the registration process and be carried out by another user name and password. The same username and password in case of detection of the system attempts to enter through, "megadunya.com " s, provided all other rights are reserved, registered members of the membership may be suspended or stopped.
    d) "Website" and coming of age to become a member ate "megadunya.com " should not be banned indefinitely by the temporarily removed from membership, or membership in the framework of this agreement. As mentioned above, minors, or "megadunya.com " by members of the site would not result to be the site of the persons who have completed the registration process banned unlimited temporarily removed from membership, or membership in accordance with this Agreement.
    e) "Member users"; "Web site" on the "Form pages" of information that is created on the site of the products they promote in various places, they published the ad, the message of the information they hold on their websites; fake, is not stolen, no registration rights of a third party, the break of the copyright etc rights, be contrary to law (consumer protection, unfair competition laws, etc.), it does not contain pornography or nudity, no viruses or does not contain a programming feature that will harm any program and , the site of the unwanted (spam) are deemed to have accepted the principles of use for sending e-mails
    f) "add company", "Add Product" and "Add Catalog" corporate services "Members users" to i. "Members users" in the company name, contact information, company and product information on the web address "website" is also published. E-mail address, billing address, paid services requested, tax and non tax office information is not published on the site (due to privacy is not shared with third parties).
    g) add the information in the request and declared the user "User friendly user" would be and "User's" are responsible for the accuracy of the information they add. "megadunya.com ", "User's" is not responsible for the information that adds to s. Attack on personal rights, information that is misleading information "megadunya.com", "website" has the right to publish or added in the lift.
    h) "Member user" s; "megadunya.com" s written without the consent of the rights under this Agreement and the obligations of this agreement or can not be transferred wholly or partially to any third party.
    j) "megadunya.com" work to provide more effective services that are defined in this contract "Service" changes in the s and / or renewals can.
    3. In the "Web Site" of the Terms of Use
    a) "Website," "user" and "User-users" in products, services, or companies that share information about, promotion is a virtual meeting place where "megadunya.com" does not have any other capacity in the responsibility. "megadunya.com" "Web Site"; "User" and "Member users" a product, a medium to share their services and contact information. "megadunya.com" un-run "Web site" rights of the over done because the transaction in hand adjective not arising and will not have any commitment on obligations.
    b) "User" s and "Member users" service conditions of use and the "Website" located business within the terms of all conditions contained in this Agreement, the rules will comply with and legislation acknowledge that you understand and approve all conditions and rules.
    c) "Web Site" presented in the "Service" s "User" and "Member users" only to be used on site for purposes consistent with the law. Users and "Member users" civil and criminal liability of each transaction made within the site and the action is to accept that belong to them. "User" and "User-users", "" and / or any other third party real or personal rights, the will constitute rape assets "megadunya.com", "website", which is published in the text, images, icons, databases, replication would, copy, distribute agrees. "megadunya.com", "Users" and "Member users", to "website" from sin published in contact form for the content of messages sent to each other, is not liable for the points. and "User" s and "Member users" in the provisions of this and because of the loss that third parties due or incurred due to activities on the site they perform in violation of the law "megadunya.comm my" direct and / or be held responsible in any way indirectly.
    d) "Member users"; "megadunya.com" run "Website" given to be able to publish announced in the information resulting report to third parties, "megadunya.com" s and / or are responsible for the nature of legal penalties and liability for any damage suffered by third parties.
    e) "Member users", to "run my megadunya.comm" Web site "to be presented at the" Services "in the benefit to the purpose of the data provides access to the systems they use (user name, password, etc.), security, storage, keeping away from the third parties' information, the use of the state related issues completely "Members users" is the responsibility of asylum. "Members users", to take care of the shortcomings in this direction and the defect as a result of them have occurred and / or third parties suffered by or damage which may be suffered "megadunya.com" does not assume any responsibility directly or indirectly.
    f) "Member users" added by product, company, service paintings, graphics, photographs and details of the accuracy of the added information to the legality of the "Member-users" is the responsibility. "megadunya.com" "Members users" products that add-in, firm, committed to the lawfulness of the accuracy of the photos and information services and is not guaranteed.
    g) "megadunya.com"; "Members users" of the information that I add, painting, graphics, photographs, the "Website" in published form, has the right instead of deciding which category of information published and change. "megadunya.com", "website" with the content of the categories and incompatible, inappropriate and obscene content, which has information about adding to and removing and losses arising from this type of information and the legal obligations "Members users" is responsible.
    j) "megadunya.com", "website" in the free and paid "Services" in the limited space in the "Members users" share the information I offers as a service to advertise. "megaduya.com" determining the boundaries of the service area and have the right to be replaced. "Members users" limitations in the services offered and accept the changes.
    k) "Member users", "megadunya.com" run "Website" and the commercial transactions carried out on this site, the "Services" in the functioning of any software, tools and so on. While attempting to breaking through; a positive message about themselves by a second user record for themselves, such as ways to leave a message for other users to break the negative feedback mechanism in the system; No information on the site robot, spider (spider) automatically or manually by copying such a method is liable to abuse the system.
    l) "Website" What sign that "Member users" filling out the registration form on the right individuals and firms, accurate, current information they provide, membership information will agree to keep accurate and up to date. "megadunya.com", "User-users" of the information given by missing / wrong about that if it detects the "User member" can delete the record. If the "User member" of this text if the member representing a company / organization, represented by companies / institutions connect.
    m) "Member User" means any product of the banned products / goods / services advertised as such will be able to supply and offer "Website" by using the information obtained by means of any law, morality and / or contrary to the purposes promotion of public order, postage and can not be found in similar activity. Likewise informal serious, in insults, obscenity items hosting society, morality can not send messages to the contrary. Such initiatives and actions "megadunya.com" as if such transactions are determined by the right and the right to stop the issuance of membership are available. The membership of this nature because of the decision to issue an activity or undertaking "User's" membership fee will not be refunded the balance. Such any liability that may arise in case the "Member's" belongs, for any reason, "megadunya.com" s any kind may undergo such actions as a result of the direct and / or indirect financial and / or demand compensation for non-pecuniary damage rights reserved.
    n) Tenders submitted and "website" via the purchased product / goods / services defective, incorrectly, to be under lacking in quality or committed in the sales ads, tax and financial obligations, including under the legislation in force from all obligations "Members users" s is responsible. In this respect "megadunya.com" put forward all requests not addressed directly against each other is required.
    Products that Order / goods / services which are responsible for checking the "Member user", the property of receipt / product / service if defective, the Law on Consumer Protection? From caused all the legal rights, property / product vendor bought "Member user" will lead .
    o) In case of violation of the Convention "megadunya.comm my" right to demand compensation for non-pecuniary damage the tangible reserved.
    This agreement "www.megadunya.comm" website for any reason the publication of the stop / halt if the suspension is deemed suspended throughout. Agreement, "you website" as the activities carried out "megadunya.com" by the case of the termination ends spontaneously. "megadunya.comm my" work, commercial partnership and the Convention "www.megadunya.comm my" website domain name to change, the same activity is authorized to execute on the name of another area of these changes will not have any effect on this contract.
    p) "Member user"; "megadunya.com" s, applicable mandatory in cases wherein it is obliged to explain to the authorities in accordance with the legislation, officially duly in "Member user" s information hidden on the user upon request of the / private / commercial information would be authorized to explain to the authorities and, therefore, No matter under whatever behalf of himself "megadunya.com" to accept compensation could be claimed
    s) from the present Convention membership on 1 (one) year has been accepted by geçerlidir.üyelik history of the end of the müteaakib 10 business days with all the terms in the contract if it is not contested within the counting contract yenilenir.üyelik period of 1 (one) year uzatılır.üyelik fees on new contract the fees are applied.
    t) the new agreement due to lack of appeal within 10 business days after the expiration of the membership period by megadunya.com is recurring membership contracts with the same provisions.
    u) Member User is obliged to pay after the renewal of the contract.
    4.Fir, Product, Classifieds, Catalogue using the Add Service "Members users" s Rights and Obligations
    a) The Company, Product, Classifieds add "Members users" in the company name, web address, telephone and fax numbers and about the company information (by my megadunya.comm within the defined specific number of character limit for each section) "Member users" in the phrase with the site published. This service is free. E-mail address will not be published on the site. "megadunya.com", "Member user" s e-mail to "Member user" can use to communicate. This information is not shared with third parties to respect confidentiality.
    b) The Company, Product, Classifieds, Catalogue added services in the "Members users" belonging to the product information "megadunya.comm" have seen published under the appropriate category. "megadunya.com", "website" website and to publish information that is not compatible with the content "website" has the right to cancel as well. "Member's" product information "megadunya.com" have the right to remove reaching the authorized employee of the contact or replacement.
    c) "Member users" free "1 add catalogs" field yararlanabilir.ücretsiz Catalog service from the service "User's" catalog of "megadunya.com" with the number determined by the product announcement presentation yapabilmektedirler.ücretl "members Users", "megadunya.com" determined by the number has the right to add more than one catalog.
    5. Take Advantage of Paid Service "Members users" s Rights and Obligations
    a) "megadunya.com", "website" in the "My megadunya.comm" determined by the amount of fees paid to the "Members users"; "Gold Member", as naming, charge the "Users"; "Default User" and the names of the naming has the right to change or add more names later.
    b) "Gold Member" s and "website" in the "Featured Listings" and service "sector sponsorships" who benefit from the service "User users", "megadunya.com" has the exclusive rights specified by.
    c) "Gold Member" like "Featured Listings" and "for the sector sponsorship" services; "Service" according to the time taken (day, month, or year) "members who will benefit from a fee request edilir.ücretl service by my megadunya.comm user and" website "until the relevant" service "that fill of contract form in this form by time period during agrees to pay a specified fee.
    d) Register the user fill in the contract form for a paid service, then you start to benefit from the paid services do not have the right to withdraw from the service it receives and which can not ask back in return for fees paid regardless of the reason, argue that paying the fee as a payable in the form of contract edemez.ü users; He filled in the form of contract for Paid Services, you must pay the fee in the amount of comments.
    e) "megadunya.com", "Member user" s they received the "Service" telephone calls related to "service" fees "Website" will be announced in the relevant section of the membership. "Service" Amendments to wage changes after 7 days will be declared valid and wage gains related to a campaign valid until the expiration of the campaign if available. "Website" in, unless otherwise specified, the "Website" of the
    "Service" s all fees will be for the New Turkish Lira (YTL) will be calculated and will be charged
    6. The Rights and Obligations of megadunya.com
    a) "megadunya.com", "website" in the right to publish the information has always remove and replace. The site's design, content, "Member users" created by "Web site" of the "Form pages" and that all information published in which sub-page "megadunya.com" decide. Company and product demonstrations by "Member users" s web site address that add "megadunya.comm" have passed the "Web site" gives site link, and link the accuracy of the information on the site "megadunya.com" is not responsible.
    b) "megadunya.com", which is operating the "Web site" and "User" and "Member users" then offers introduce a virtual trade fair environment. "Members users" among occur in dispute "megadunya.com" mediator does not and is not responsible.
    c) "Member users", the "Website" they create in the "Forms page" with lara "megadunya.comm" a; this information "Privacy Policy" using all kinds of technology in the context of reproduction, distribution, are deemed to have given the right to demonstrate.
    d) "megadunya.com" paid "Vitir ads" and "Industry sponsorship of" The advantage of the service "User user" s and "Goldmember" s give the rights, privileges, promotions can be changed to show any reason. owned by the members present at events that can disrupt the functioning of the site megadunya.comm rights and privileges; Having previously been a 'Testimonials', 'Vitir of posting', 'Industry sponsorship' Services Agreement and the agreement, even if the time is right to change, even for defects occurring. Within the scope of paid services "Vitir ads" and "industry sponsorship" those who benefit from the services and "Gold Member" s, the fees charged, "megadunya.com" belirlenir.ücretl by "Vitir ads" and "industry sponsorship" The advantage of the service "User user" and "Gold Member" s for the breach of the rules set out in this agreement, "megadunya.comm" a fee paid is not entitled to claim it back.
    e) "megadunya.comm" Free services be paid, paid services can also make free, is entitled to a portion of or all of the temporary or permanent removal of services and scope. "User" s, "Member user" when they are deemed to have accepted these rights.
    f) "megadunya.com" at any time "member's" indicating the reason for the membership and without prior notice may prohibit temporary or permanently, can subject to other restrictions to be determined, may terminate this contract unilaterally.
    g) "megadunya.com"; "My www.megadunya.comm" all of the software of the website is free from error, and the site is not installed any responsibility for any virus that is receiving place. If this site is located in a user's software and to any software causes any damage to hardware elements "megadunya.comm" can not assume any liability in this regard.
    h) "megadunya.com", "website" well situated "Register user" information or to join the "Member's" information, "User's" security, perform its obligations and may be used in a manner they wish for some statistical evaluations. They are able to classify and maintain on a database.
    i) "megadunya.com", "website" presented in the "Service" s content and be able to change at any time; "Member user" s system information and content they upload to the "Member user" s to close the third parties, including access to and reserves the right to delete. "megadunya.com" can not use this right without any notice of and valuable. "Member user" s system information stored is within product replacement or correction of the requirements of the "megadunya.com" are informed on these matters. Upon such disclosure and notification "megadunya.com" makes the necessary changes within the system. Member user? S responsibility for any kind of damages arising from the information we have provided in the report on changes in the "Member's" or will belong. "megadunya.com" does not have any responsibility in this regard.
    j) "website" out, "megadunya.com" s beyond his control third-party vendors, providers and other third parties are owned and operated by other websites and / or portals can provide files or content link. These links "Member user" by or just for ease of reference "megadunya.com" may be provided by and "website" tray or or to support the person operating the "Web site" any kind of a declaration addressed to the information or include or a warranty transport is. "Web site" portal accessed via links on the side, websites, files and content, the portal is accessed through this link or website services or products offered from or about their contents "megadunya.com" s has no responsibility.
    7.OTHER Provisions
    7.1 Intellectual Property Rights
    a) "Website" in place the design, text, visual studies html codes "megadunya.com" was created by. Used without permission. If it is determined that any unauthorized use of "megadunya.com" use the right to not engage in legal way to compensate for the loss.
    b) "www.megadunya.com" (design, text, image, html code and other codes, including but not limited to) all the elements (activities subject to megadunya.com copyrights) "megadunya.com" a of and / or "megadunya.com" have received are used under license from a third party right. "Users"; "megadunya.com" services, "megadunya.com" information and "megadunya.comm" can not resell the work subject to the copyrights, you can not share, distribute, exhibit or anyone else "megadunya.com" can not allow the use of or access to the service, otherwise the license which are due to damage suffered by third parties, including "megadunya.com" from the requested amount of indemnity, court costs and attorney fees obliged to meet, including olacaklardır.kullanıcı are "megadunya.com" s copyrights to reproduce the work of subject, distribute or derived from these studies can or can not prepare.
    c) "megadunya.com" s; "megadunya.com" services," megadunya.com "information," megadunya.com "subject to copyright works," megadunya.comm my "trademark" megadunya.comm my "business outlook or" www.megadunya.com web site "means the owner that any type of material and intellectual property rights, including all assets, real and personal rights, commercial information, all rights reserved for license and know-how.
    7.2.Gizlilik Policy
    "megadunya.com", "Website" in the "User's" are an integral part of the information in the contract Appendix 1 section can be used within the scope of this contract relating to the Privacy Policy. "megadunya.com" "User" s of confidential information is not made available to third parties except as specified in the institution 3.p provisions of this contract.
    7.3.Sözleş the changes
    "megadunya.com" fully connected and one-sided in its sole discretion at any time it deems appropriate to this contract "website" can be changed by declaring. The amended provisions of this agreement will take effect on the date they are declared, will continue to bear the same terms and results of the remaining provisions remain in force. This Agreement, "Member user" s changed by unilateral declarations.
    7.4.Mücb Majeure
    Legally force majeure considered natural disasters, war, strikes, Internet infrastructure failures, except for power outages and poor weather conditions in even the reasonable control of the parties involved but not limited to, and "megadunya.com" could not avoid, although showing the necessary attention, events and so on can not be avoided the terms "megadunya.com" carried out by paid and unpaid "website", "Services" in conditions that prevent the making at the level they want to in "megadunya.com" "Service" inability to perform in, and / or service is not liable for due fulfillment missing.
    7.5.Ek Services
    "Member user" s, the above-mentioned "Service" s additional listed below in addition to the "Service" s, the additional "service" for s "My megadunya.comm" fees determined by the event can benefit payments.
    1. "megadunya.com" Support Services
    2. "megadunya.com" Private Web Services
    3. " megadunya.com" Foreign Trade Consultants
    4. " megadunya.com" Legal counseling
    5. "My megadunya.comm" Corporate web design and website.
    "megadunya.com" In addition to the above, any additional "Service" s define; "Member user" s this additional "service" s from "My megadunya.comm" fees determined by the event can benefit payments.
    7.6.Sözleş the termination of
    This agreement "Members users" "Website" will remain in force as long as they eat member and inter-entity provisions and will continue to bear the consequences. "" Members users "expiry of the accession period ends in case of cessation of temporary or permanent membership.
    "megadunya.com", "Member users" s agreement, any attachments, use of the site, membership and "service" for violations similar rules with respect to s, and in particular could terminate the contract in the cases listed below unilaterally and "Member users" s termination due to "megadunya.comm" would be obliged to compensate for all losses suffered by:
    a) of banned products product as "Member user" by being placed on sale on the site and that this situation "megadunya.com" to be detected by
    b) "Member users", to be present in behavior to manipulate the operation of the site by using any method
    c) "Member users" in the Transfer of the user profile created for himself or open for use
    d) "Member user" which violate the rights of third parties and / or to the presence in the film that threatens
    f) "Member users" s "website" by eating infected virus "Website" Y does not work, or to attempt to make it.
    7.7.Uygulan Law and Authority
    The implementation of this agreement, Turkish Law shall apply in the interpretation and management of legal relations under this Agreement.

    Contact Information
    company:Megadunya International Advertising & Consulting-ecommerce
    adress:Bahçelievler mahallesi.Aydın Sokak.Günday AP.5/4
    Phone: 00 90 362 239 04 50-
    00 90 362 234 76 44
    Fax: 00 90 362 239 04 50




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